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What is my ideal weight, and how do I calculate it?

by Nathan L Williams

Almost all of us are trying to slim down, but what if we were already at our perfect weight?

Calculate your ideal weight? Nothing could be simpler for those of us who want to know what our ideal weight is for good health.

What is my ideal weight?
Every woman has an ideal weight that corresponds to her according to her morphology. If it takes everything to make a world and all women are beautiful, calculating your ideal weight can help us stay in shape. Some bodies are made to be slim, others with generous and pulpy curves.

What is my ideal weight?

There are two ways to calculate your ideal weight: the main one is the Body Mass Index or BMI. The formula is: weight/height squared. For example, if you weigh 60 kilos for 1m70, the formula will be 60/ (1.70x 1.70)=20.8. Your BMI is therefore 20.8.

If your BMI is less than 18.5, you are considered thin. With a BMI between 18.5 and 25 we speak of ideal or normal weight. Between 25 and 30 we talk about overweight and over 30, obesity.

The other formula to know what the ideal weight is is Lorentz’s formula: Ideal weight for a woman = height in cm – 100 – (height -150)/2. Thus, if you measure 1m65, your ideal weight = 165 – 100 – (165 – 150)/2 is 57.5 kilos.

Be careful however to take these figures for calculating your ideal weight with tweezers because they do not take into account the age or skeleton of the individual.

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