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‘Washing’ your face with olive oil, good or bad idea?

by Nathan L Williams

The idea may seem strange but washing one’s face with olive oil would have great benefits.

Washing your face with olive oil? “Have you lost your mind?” you might want to ask. No, not at all, not only is it possible but it would also be good for the skin. With the return of the cold, it would be ideal to keep the skin perfectly moisturized and even allow for deep make-up removal. It is multi-purpose and, as a not inconsiderable benefit, very inexpensive.

How to use it? One pours some in a small container, then with the fingers, one applies it to a humidified face and one massages during a few seconds. To remove, use a hot towel (that you have passed under the tap for example). One rinses then one’s face with cold water to close the pores of the skin and one applies a little moisturizing cream on the skin.

An oil with moisturizing and anti-aging properties:

If it seems complicated, you can also pour some on cotton pads, and remove makeup (or cleanse your skin) with circular motions. In both cases, just remember to rinse afterwards because olive oil is very greasy and can cause small pimples if kept on the skin overnight. This is why acne-prone skin should just avoid this technique, which is more suitable for “normal” skin.

In addition to intensely nourishing the skin, olive oil helps to reduce certain skin scars and prevent aging and the appearance of wrinkles, thanks to its richness in vitamin E and essential fatty acids. A beauty tip that is not expensive and much more effective than some expensive creams, it would be wrong not to test it.

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