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Top dog breeds for girls to pick from!

  • Your sidekick. Your best buddy. Your everything. The Robin to your Batman. Your Furry pal!
  • Im not talking about your romantic companion! The top dog breeds for ladies can be better roommates than most of humans you know.
  • in case you pick the right dog (and do a lil bit of training), you can rest assured about your dog not causing any problems when you go to work, or when you’re simply not around, or disappearing for days hanging out with the neighborhood’s dogs.
  • sure, you’ll have to pick up its poo and do the clean up and everything, but hey! It’s totally worth it. Puppies can be a girl’s most reliable friend.
  • With hundreds of breeds, lots of mixes, and tens of millions of puppies searching out for new homes, picking the right dog is a “serious” task.
  • To make things simpler, lets narrow the choices and talk only about the best dog breed that women love and are most suited for.

How to Pick the Best Dog Breed for Women:

First of all you need to ask your self an important question : What type of woman are you?

To answer this question, take in consideration these things first:

  • Your activity level: Are an active person? Do you like hiking riding your bikes for example and stuff like that? Or you’re more like someone who prefers to spend his days on the sofa?
  • Your time commitment: All dogs in general require time & intention, to train them, take care of them …Etc. However some dogs require more when it comes to taking care of them than others. Is that something you’re up for?
  • Your living conditions and situation: Some dogs are best suited for indoor activities and do not require taking them out all of the time and some are the complete opposite. The criterias when selecting your may vary depending on your situation, for example if you have kids, you have other pets, if you have fences around or not …Etc
  • Your social life: Now not all puppies are social sweeties. A few are homebodies. Other puppies get stressful if left by themselves at home. Some dogs simply love the festive mood. If you like going out a lot, you’d wanna look for a dog that is either okay with him staying by himself, or a dog that wants in, in everything you do.
  • Your intention regarding “eductation” & training: Dogs in general require training when they’re between 2 & 12 months in order to avoid problems later. Sure they look cute when they’re small but if left without training some times people end up with 50Kg dog doing what ever he wants and causing problems (chewing on anything, destroying things..Etc) So yeah, you wanna draw the lines when training them.
  • Your safety. Some girls that are living alone may also wanna consider getting a dog breed that is capable of protecting its owner. While dogs all have protective instinct and can rush in to protect no matter how small they are, some dogs are more intimidating than others.

We created a dog selection scorecard that will help youeveryday prepare your mind around what you want for your dog companion:

1- Doberman :

Now, Dobermans are very smart, they’re very gentle and at the same time very intimidating when needed. They always wanna be around their people, which earned them the “Velcro Dogs” title, they’re very loyal and loving.

And just like pitbulls, dobermans are always misunderstood due to them always playing the role of the evil dog creature in movies. In fact in the complete opposite.

Don’t like the doberman and want something else for your own protecting? You can consider a Rottweiler a Cane Corso or even a Pitbull.

2- The King Charles Cavalier Spaniel :

The King Charles Cavalier Spaniel is a lil cutiepie, you’ll be able to hug, cuddgle and kiss it to your heart’s content. They’re Bouncy, cudly and very adorable.

3-The Australian Shepherd :

The Australian Sheperd is a dog that regroups athleticism, brains, looks, and of course cuddles, they’re active, intelligent and sensitive. They need a lot of exercise and love so if you love hiking and outdoor activities, this dog is your match.

4- The great Dane :

Dispite its size, the great Dane is a great appartment dog. People also might think that he needs a lot of space because of how big he his, but worry not, they do not need a lot of space to be confortable. They’re very goofy, lazy and they get tired pretty easily, which makes excercising them easier.

5- The Saluki :

The saluki is considered to be part of the sighthound group which includes other breeds of similar traits. They are beautiful long legged long haired dogs, but don’t get me wrong, they do not need much grooming even if their hair is long. They only require short walks, they’re playful dogs but at the same time relaxed and are very happy when they’re around their families.



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