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Top 5 online business ideas in 2020!


1- Create a translation service:

If you are bilingual (or better yet), you can use your language skills to create your own online translation and/or interpreting business. There is a demand for almost every language imaginable, but some languages can be more profitable than others (such as Japanese or Chinese, for example).

2- Launching a blog:

Creating your own blog (like the one you’re currently on) is a fun and rewarding way to make money online… but also one of the most time-consuming.

If you love to write or have a passion that you would like to share with the world, starting a website is a great way to turn your hobby into a real money-making activity. Launch costs are relatively low, the main expense being usually the hosting of your website.

You can also very well start building your blog as a hobby and then gradually develop your business and brand over the months. This will allow you to benefit from a small salary supplement before you can launch full time.

3-Freelance Editor:

If you have a minimum of writing talent (no need to be a journalist) and you like to write on one or more specific topics, the web writing activity as a micro-entrepreneur is for you!

Launching your online business as a freelancer will necessarily require some promotion (for example by creating your own website where prospects can contact you) and networking to find your customers.

Starting on popular platforms such as Fiverr for example will allow you to ensure some visibility at the beginning. But eventually, once you’ve proven yourself worthy of the task and worked on your reputation, the ideal way to earn more will be to work directly with your customers and businesses.

4-Create your Etsy Boutique:

You like art, DIY, creating with your own hands? If so, you should take advantage of Etsy, an online platform dedicated to the sale of hand-made or vintage (even prefabricated) items.

Whether you make works of art, jewelry, clothing, decorations or any other craft object, creating your Etsy store will allow you to showcase your work and make money quickly thanks to shoppers fond of your original creations.

And creating an Etsy account is totally free.

5-Responsable de la publicité en ligne:

Many small local businesses don’t know how to grow their business with online advertising, and many large companies don’t have the time to take care of it themselves.

By offering online advertising creation services (Facebook or Twitter Ads, Google Ads…), you allow your customers to gain visibility on the internet and reach their sales targets more easily. And you can easily create your own brand to transform your business into a real online business.



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