Tips to increase your adsense revenue!

How to increase your Adsense revenue? an important question that we will try to answer in this article. We all notice a low cost per click (CPC) from Google Adsense which causes a low income afterwards and this can be due to advertisers who pay less (low CPC), and also can be due to a bad strategy from your side.

In this article, I will show you how to optimize your website and prepare it to increase your revenue with Google Adsense.

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Website loading speed is something that Google recommends a lot for good SEO and also for a good user experience. Most of the bloggers having problems with slow loading websites are bloggers using WordPress with too many poorly coded plugins or unoptimized themes.

Why is the loading time of your website so important?

It is well known that when a user visits your blog and has to wait 2 seconds or more for your site to load completely, the result will be the back button on your browser and subsequently a loss of your Adsense revenue.

  • Target keywords with high CPC :

I have found that Google Adsense tends to display ads relevant to the content of a web page using the keywords of the article. Remember that AdSense publishers display advertisers’ ads based on their keywords through Google Adwords by awarding a specific amount (cpc) for each click.

In your regular keyword search probably through the Google Adwards keyword tool, you will discover a feature showing the CPC of the chosen keyword. All you have to do is choose keywords with a high CPC and publish an article containing it.

  • Display up to 6 ad blocks per page :

Surprising as it may seem, Google has just removed the part of its AdSense ad placement policy that limited the number of ads that could be displayed on publisher sites.

Google may have made this decision to accommodate new web page styles where articles can display indefinitely as you scroll down the page. Both on mobile and on the web.

So when these types of sites, more and more of them, or long articles, integrate the 3 AdSense ads at the beginning of the page, no more ads are visible further down as you scroll.

Fewer ads means a higher CPC.

  • To increase the ctr of a website :

The top of the site is more clicked than the bottom of the site. This is a trend seen on many sites. An object is more likely to be clicked if it is positioned on the top of the site than on the bottom. Why is this? When the user arrives on your site, he will first see the elements that are positioned above the fold.

The fold is what is visible on the screen of the user when he arrives (the fold, or waterline will depend on the size of the screen of the computers of your users – this information can be found in all web analytics tools like Google analytics). The Internet user will judge a site in a fraction of a second and will make a maximum of clicks on the top of the page. This is especially true for an e-merchant who will have an interest in presenting his best offers at the top of the page.

The bigger the object, the more clicks it will get. Do you want to increase the click-through rate to a specific element? This will be difficult if the link or offer has a large number of pixels on the page. You must therefore make sure that the links or clickable areas that are important to your business have the right level of visibility. Avoid the syndrome of the logo hidden at the bottom of the page or the link almost invisible to the user.

The color helps to push the click. The choice of a color on a site is important to push (or not!) the click. The art becomes subtle: the link must be visible but at the same time, it must be integrated with the charter of your site. On adsense links, we know from experience that blocks with colors integrated with the graphic charter of the site push the click. If the adsense block is not surrounded by a border, it will click all the more. The colors must be integrated but must stand out for the Internet user.

Too much integration has the effect of drowning the link and therefore making it invisible to the user. Here again, the secret is to perform many tests and to follow analytically the results obtained at each test. You must also take care of the onhover behavior of the link. A link should always be underlined when the user moves the mouse over it and the mouse arrow should change to “hand”. A few lines of css should be enough for this.

The click intent zone. The click intent zone is where the user is most likely to click. For example, there is nothing worse on a site than an adsense ad block located in the middle of an article as it is often seen. The user starts to read an article and placing a block of ads in this place is more disturbing than anything else in terms of user experience. If we think about the moment when the user is likely to click on a site, some places seem spontaneously more favourable than others.

The navigation area, for example, is the perfect place where the user is expected to make a click. The navigation should therefore be grouped in a single area on a site: avoid the double bar on the right and left. An adsense link will click more if it is located in this area. Another good place for the user to click is the end of an article. If the user has taken the time to read an article or to look at the whole page, it means that he has found it interesting. He would have left before. So presenting a block of links at the bottom of a page can be good in terms of ctr.

There is strength in numbers. A small link alone will have less chance to provoke a click than a block of 5 or 8 links. This zone of links will push the user to click on at least one link. This is exactly the same as stores in the same area that are clustered together. You’ve probably noticed that children’s stores, like restaurants, tend to be all in the same area: the grouping attracts traffic. And a group of links attracts attention.

  • Link your Adsense account to your Google Analytics account :

You have created an analytics account and an adsense account. It is very convenient to consult your adsense incomes at the same time as your statistics. You can also see the distribution over time and the pages that earn the most.

Most bloggers get low clicks, so they rely on an adsense RPM ( page revenue per thousand impressions ). In most cases, Google might misinterpret your traffic statistics and subsequently pay you an unfair amount, then later you start blaming them. It’s not their fault, but yours because you didn’t give them access to analyze your traffic correctly.

To solve this problem … In your Adsense dashboard; Go to settings >> Access and permissions then integrate Google Analytics, finally click on associate and complete the procedure.

  • Ad placement has a major influence :

Believe me when I say it!

I have tested different methods to increase adsense revenue and the most important aspect is ad placement.

Placing your ad in the wrong section of your website or the “blind spot” of the readers is a big mistake that you must avoid; or else, you will end up getting stung for it!

Always make sure to place a 250 x 300 text ad immediately after the third paragraph in your article.

Be sure to place at least three ad links in your article and in the lower body.

And to conclude, here are niches sorted by regions that might help you:

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