Everywhere in the country, the law requires you to pick up your dog’s droppings. It is an elementary rule of good manners, a civic duty. To pick up is not to stoop. It is a proof of civic-mindedness with a moral dimension. A civic gesture, a simple gesture, making dog poop disappear with a poop bag.

Who hasn’t protested one day in public places, in green spaces, when looking for a little corner of greenery for a picnic or just sitting and relaxing, having to slalom between excrement? Nothing more unbearable, not to mention the smells! All the public places we share should be clean.

In numbers: About 30% of the citizens own a dog, this represents a dog population of millions of individuals, 60% of which live in cities or towns.

We must be sensitive to the cleanliness of our animals, we are responsible for it. Let’s respect, as much as possible, the space and places we share. Collecting your dog’s droppings in the city is required by law. Let’s not wait for the sanction, which in case of non respect of the ban is punishable by a fine.


For this to become automatic, let’s get used to demonstrating that we can have a dog, walk it in the city without dirtying everyone’s space.

In order to proceed immediately to the collection of dog excrements without getting our hands dirty, here are some simple solutions:

1 – Poop bag, comes in rolls of individual bags,

2 – Bone Doggy dispenser, can be fixed on the leash or carried in the pocket,

3 – Poop bag with carabiner hook to attach it to the leash, to the key ring,

4 – Dog Poo bag with handle, Dog Poo bag dispenser, practical, it can be carried everywhere, easily attached to a belt or bag with its carabiner,

5 – Dog Poo bag refill,

6 – For home and garden, excrement shovel, can be used with one hand without bending down,

7 – For home and garden, poop shovel, swivel container shovel with push rake,

8 – For home and garden, poop scoop, rake and shovel clip together.

Everything becomes easy with the possibilities that Auberdog offers you. Easy, quick, in one gesture, neither seen nor known, the hand remains clean and the sidewalk too.

Need a poop grabber for you dog? Here is some choices you can pick from :

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