Here’s how to shine every nook and cranny of your home in a jiffy with a list of priorities, a pillowcase and brushes!

1-Taking care of the doormat:

The doormat is essential to retain dirt. Install one inside and one outside the house. This is especially useful in winter when boots carry snow and calcium. Don’t forget to clean the mats regularly.

2-Recipe for homemade cleaning solution:

Want to know the secret to cleaning mirrors and glass that leaves no streaks? Leslie Rapinchuk is sure you’ll find it in this easy recipe:

1 ½ cup of water
1 ½ tablespoon of vinegar
1 ½ tablespoon rubbing alcohol
3 drops of essential oil of mint

3-Put the bucket aside:

A lot of wet damage can occur when you move your bucket with the mop. The founder of The Green Cleaning Coach, Leslie Reichert, offers a bucketless cleaning technique that works wonders. She uses a spray of cleaning solution and a microfiber mop.

4-Do your house chores in pairs:

Kill two birds with one stone by performing two tasks simultaneously. Clean baseboards while vacuuming or scrubbing floors. Clean the blinds at the same time as you clean the windows, etc.

5-Make a plan for your house chores:

We can all have household rages that will work if they follow a plan. “Cleaning is like a dance. You start out forward, then you walk up and down and around looking carefully at what could be done,” explains Beth McGee. As you go around, dust power switches, door frames, baseboards and walls. Move around the room rather than zigzagging from one object to another. Concentrate and keep the rhythm all around the house”.

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