Your dog destroys furniture, objects in the house or apartment while you are away? He chews the legs of chairs, ransacks your cousins… What can you do to avoid his damage? How to prevent your dog from attacking furniture and your belongings?

The wrong solutions:

  • Leaving him locked in a cage outside: a destructive dog is an animal with behavioural problems. Punishing it in this way could make the problem much worse.
  • Scolding and punishing him systematically when he arrives: dogs can’t make the connection between something done in the past (even ¼ by the hour) and a reaction from you, so your pet won’t understand your reaction and may link your anger to anything else, such as the party he’s throwing for you. Moreover, scolding him is a sign of attention towards him.
  • Clean up his mess in front of him: the crouching position is synonymous with play for the dog, you have to put him in another room so he can’t see what you are doing.

Temporary solutions:

Place it in a dedicated room, from which you will remove what can be damaged. However, leave him his toys, water and food, as well as something of yours that will reassure him. Spend time with him in the room, especially before you leave, and leave him at times when you are there, so that he does not associate the place with your departure.

What to do:

  • Ask yourself what has changed if your pet did not have this behaviour before. A change in family life can lead to this type of behaviour: moving house, the arrival of another animal or child, loss of habits, can lead to anxiety and destructive behaviour. In this case, spend some time with your dog, in a ritual way, even a short time, to play with him. Don’t let him think that someone or another animal has taken his place.
  • If this is a consequence of separation anxiety, you will have to initiate a “detachment”: do not respond to each of his requests, on the other hand, initiate your own caresses or games, do not let him sleep with you anymore. Ignore him for several tens of minutes before leaving and do not celebrate when you come back home, he must not do it to you either, on the contrary ignore him for several minutes: your dog must not associate the caresses with your presence. Send him to bed and go see him yourself later.
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