Earn money easily using Adsense? It’s easy!

If you are a web enthusiast and you are looking to make money working from home, AdSense can help you.

In fact, by using AdSense correctly, you should be able to earn money without much difficulty.

Here is a quick presentation of AdSense as well as all our advices to explain you how to make about 500$ per month with .

Make Money From AdSense — Calculate How Many Visitors You Need | by  Amarpreet Singh | Brandlitic | Medium

What is AdSense?

AdSense is the advertising network of Google. It uses the sites present on the web as supports of its advertisements.

In concrete terms, when you run an AdWords campaign to promote your business or simply your website, it is AdSense that decides, based on the keywords you have chosen, on which affiliated websites your ads will be published.

And of course, the chosen sites will receive income for hosting the ads. It is in this sense that AdSense has become a real ally for all webmasters on the planet who are now looking to have ads on their sites in order to earn money with AdSense.

Now that the basics of AdSense are laid out, let’s see how to make money with AdSense.

Earning money with AdSense, it’s possible!

The Google AdSense program has since its inception allowed many webmasters to earn large sums of money by simply making their website available to display advertisements. So, if you own one or more websites, why don’t you jump into the AdSense adventure?

  • Step 1: Registration :

First of all, you should know that joining the Google AdSense program is not difficult at all since you will only have to register with Google and integrate a piece of code to your website or even your blog, because think about it, a free blog can be a real opportunity to earn money with AdSense.

  • Step 2: Researching relevant keywords :

This is one of the most important steps in optimizing your ad revenue. Indeed, AdSense offers ads on your site based on the content that can be found there. So, if you want the ads you select for your site to make you a lot of money, it can be a good idea to have keywords that people type into search engines frequently present in your site’s content.

To help you choose the right keywords, you can go to the AdWords keyword generator which will give you all the information and statistics concerning the queries typed by Internet users in Google.

  • Step 3: Create quality content for your site :

Always with the aim of optimizing your advertising revenues, you will have to create quality content for your website(s). This will attract users to your site and will allow AdSense to offer you more ads.

But what do we mean by “quality content”? In concrete terms, your articles must include the keywords on which you want to be positioned, but they must also be completely original, duplicate content being severely punished by Google.

  • Step 4: Position the ads on your site well :

Once your site is ready to host advertisements, it is important to know where they will be placed, because the chosen locations strongly depend on your earnings. Thus, to earn money, and more precisely 500€ per month with AdSense, we strongly advise you to position the ads in a skyskraper placed in the left column of your site or even in the middle of your contents, because it is in these locations that they will be the most effective.

Afterwards, most often, websites host AdSense ads in a banner at the top of the site or in a skyscraper on the right, because although these locations are less effective, these choices are less detrimental to the aesthetics of the site. It is therefore a compromise to be found between the expected income and the aesthetics of the site.

  • Step 5: Collecting your first revenues :

This is the most interesting step, but will you be able to reach the objectives you set for yourself?

  • Step 6: Follow the evolution of the site daily :

As you probably know, Google sometimes changes its algorithms which can radically change the performance of your site. It is therefore important to follow the way Google indexes pages over time.

Also, to optimize your AdSense earnings and earn more than $500 per month, it seems important to make frequent adjustments to both the content of your site and the positioning of ads to find the formula that will make you rich.

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