One day, during an appointment with yet another doctor (in this case a naturopathic doctor) for stomach problems, it was suggested that I try lemon in warm water every morning. Given my unconvinced look, he added that doing it every other day would be good enough and assured me that I would soon get used to it.

Directions for use: it’s very simple, you take half a squeezed lemon (preferably organic) in a glass of warm water (non-burning) that you drink about thirty minutes before breakfast. I do not hide it to you, the first days, this drink makes you wince. But I, who was apprehensive about drinking lukewarm water and told me that a lemonade would be less difficult to swallow, was wrong! The warm water reduces the acidic taste of the lemon and makes the mix more pleasant.

The lemon, a fruit that is too acidic? First of all, it is important to know that the stomach needs acidity to digest the food we absorb. Secondly, lemon juice, as acidic as it tastes, is actually an alkalizing food for the blood. This means that once ingested, it is assimilated and metabolized by the body and becomes alkaline (= non-acidic).

Eau chaude et citron, les bienfaits dont tout le monde parle:

The list is long! First of all, this practice allows to moisturize the body after the night but also to boost the immune system thanks to the vitamin C content of lemon (an article to know everything about lemon). This drink is also known to: facilitate digestion, balance the blood pH level by eliminating excess acidity in the body, cleanse the skin (thanks to vitamin C), purify the liver or help keep the figure! Lemon is known for its detoxifying virtues.

What the experts say:

The benefits of this practice: “The main benefit is the intake of vitamin C in the morning. Drinking a fruit juice (100% fruit) or eating a fruit in the morning is a practice to adopt”. However, lemon is not more indicated than any other fruit and some people may not be able to tolerate its acidity, she says. “Because yes, lemon is an alkaline food for the blood but it remains acidic for the digestive tract”.

Detox, a good idea? “The benefits of a detox cure are not scientifically proven, it is more interesting to stick to a balanced diet throughout the year rather than restricting the time of a cure.

The benefits in my case:

First of all, I had no trouble getting used to this drink that I adopted several months ago, I’ve become addicted to it! After swallowing this drink my body and brain go into “ON” mode and the day can begin. When, unfortunately, I forget to buy lemons, I start my day in depressed mode.
Here’s what I noticed after a few weeks:

No more stomach aches! I was even able to start drinking coffee again.

No more pep in the morning! I feel better overall.

Less feeling hungry and less bye bye feeling hungry with constant nibbling.

No “croak” on the horizon. The big flu that was waiting for me every year, didn’t find me this time.

Finally, my reluctance quickly disappeared and lemon is now an integral part of my diet. Obviously, some of the benefits seem to be non-existent, but the ones I’ve seen on me have convinced me completely!

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