You love gardening and think you know everything about it? Let yourself be surprised and discover our top 15 gardening tips without further delay!

You work a lot in your garden and you certainly think you know all the tips and recipes from grandma to enjoy a healthy garden. Take a look at our top 5 gardening tips that we hope you’ll learn a few things from. We hope you’ll like it!

1- A diaper:

  • Diapers are not only useful for your toddlers! They can also be good for your plants. Put one in the bottom of your flowerpot, under the ground. This will retain water and prevent unwanted leaks.

2-Garlic manure:

Discover this easy recipe to prepare your own garlic liquid manure that will help you fight against mildew, powdery mildew and also to scare away aphids. You will need to throw three peeled cloves into a liter of simmering water. Let it rest for 12 hours and then filter it. Spray directly on the foliage and water the foot of the plants concerned. Note that this decoction can be kept for only three days.

3-The plastic bottle:

To water your plants while you’re away, it may be a good idea to pierce a plastic bottle. This is an efficient and inexpensive way to irrigate. Put the bottle with the small holes upside down, push it into the pot and fill it with water. Now just let it do the work!

4-A mini greenhouse for your seeds:

Transparent packaging for eggs can be very practical! Put some potting soil and manure in the holes, your seeds will thank you!

5-A natural slug trap:

Place hollowed out grapefruit halves, an orange or a melon, the hollow side towards the ground. This way you can easily get rid of slugs that will come to take refuge there during the night!

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